The Self Help Series

This project, a three-part dance short series entitled "The Self Help Series", is my ode to the queer community.

The Self Help Series explores important issues and ideas that lie beneath the angst young artists, Specifically those in the queer community, feel within our current societal climate. Acceptance issues, resegregation, sexuality stereotypes, and racial micro-aggressions, among others, deserve no place in our world and yet all are apparent and seen by artists of today on a day-to-day basis.


I find myself asking questions about the future of our artistic community and how the arts can make an impact by showing our awareness of the concepts mentioned above. It is through choreography and this film project that I would like to give life to these concepts.

PART 1. " Favorite Things. "

Thoughts of puppies and flowers and rainbows and "You Can Do It!"s from a book, won't help us all.

PART 2. " White. "

"... with your new crushed spine, a stepping stone for everyone else, how much love could you really have for yourself? ..."


Let's all take a second to remember what happens to our men and women when we say stuff like "That's the way Boys Are."