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Year of production: 2019

Running Time: 5:05 min

Commissioned by METDance Houston.

"The body that reached her "EmbAlma" was one that had learned how to live"​

Concept and Choreography by Eoghan Dillon

Performed by Genene Mcgrath & Risa D'souza

Musical License Pending
Alma by Tom Lehrer


Year of production: 2018

Running Time: 18:28min

Commissioned by Release Dance Project


Masculine Pain.

Director/Choreographer: Eoghan Dillon

BOYs Are.

Year of production: 2017

Running Time: 4.34 min

Let's all take a second to remember what happens to our men and women when we say stuff like "That's the way Boys Are."


Director/Choreographer: Eoghan Dillon Cinematographer/Editor: Angelo Vasta

Costume Designer: Mark Anthony Gieringer

Choreographers Assistant: Julia Horner


Year of production: 2018

Running Time: 22 min

Commissioned by Joshua Peugh and The Dark Circles Contemporary Dance Company


Director/Choreographer: Eoghan Dillon 

Music:  Zane Bares and Lesley Gore

Performers: Dark Circles Contemporary Dance

Costuming: Mark Gieringer

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